Tepe Sanitary Supply's
Customer Self Service Program

Tepe Sanitary has an exciting new program, Customer Self Service (CSS), that's even better than online ordering! We can give you a link from your system to ours, using the internet, and give you "live" information about your account! See everything about your account such as; status of your open orders, previous invoices, open invoices, a list of the products just you purchase and an online catalog of all our products. Tepe prides itself in having update technology to better serve our customers, from convenient order forms to fax your orders in, the ability to order from our website, the ability to order from the Customer Self Service via the internet or the old fashion way of just calling our customer service staff or your Sales Consultant to place the orders. Just let us know your preferences!

Download the CSS Program

Step 1 Go to the desktop of your computer and right click to create a new folder, name it Tepe Ordering

Step 2

Go to this address on the internet

Step 3

You will see two options CustInstall, CorpInstall or XnetInstall, you want to choose CustInstall, it will then ask you where to download the file to....Open or Save...Click on Save.

Step 4

For the next box that comes up choose the Desktop from the Drop Down arrow in the top box, then click on the new folder you created and then click, Save. It will the download a file once it completes the downloading it will prompt you to "Open or Close" Click Close. And shrink your Internet Connection.
Step 5 On your desktop open the folder called Tepe Ordering, and double click on the icon called "CustInstall." This will bring up a box with the words "Test Internet Connection" in bold. Click on that box and it will test the connection, if all goes well you will get this message, "An Internet Connection to the Server was Successful! Please press the 'Install' button to continue." If you have a failure at this point please contact Dawn or Tara at 293-7591 or 1-800-733-7591.
Step 6 Click on "Install Customer Service Module" and it will ask you to Please Enter Your Company Code. At this point contact either Peggy, Lou or Dawn at 293-7591 or 1-800-733-7591 and we will assist you the rest of the way.




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