Effective Mat Placement is Essential For Effective Dust Control

When planning a mat program, high traffic areas as well as specialized applications should be pinpointed. Strategic placement is essential for maximum effectiveness. Properly placed mats can stop 70% to 80% of dirt and grime that would otherwise be tracked into a building.

Entrance Mats -
Absorbent carpet face removes dirt and moisture. These are made for indoor use and should be used along with scraper mats as part of a dirt and dust removal system.

Scraper Mats -
Tough and abrasive, scraper mats are designed to aggressively remove dirt, mud, grime and snow. All scraper mat designs allow easy removal of accumulated dirt and moisture. Can be used indoors or out and should be placed in front of a carpet mat to maximize its performance potential.

Anti-Fatigue/Protective Mats -
Specially designed to promote safety and worker comfort. These mats are ideal near workstations, assembly areas and computer terminals.

Specialty Mats -
These mats include kitchen, protective, message and logo mats. A broad range of benefits are provided by these categories including image enhancement, slip reduction, and floor protection. Perfect for a large number of niche applications from industrial to retail.

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